Tips to Photographs Wild Birds

Terry Shaddock: Tips to Photographs Wild Birds

Terry Shaddock: Nature has given us enormous things to adore. Green forests, wild animals and birds, rivers, oceans and much more are nature’s endless marvelous creations that give us joy and a feeling of relaxation. Many of us want to go to a hill station for relaxing from a hectic work schedule. There is no space on earth where you won’t find birds. If you are a photographer and want to make them wonderful subject for photography, then so consider some suggestions shared by Terry Shaddock a renowned photographer to take the awesome bird photography.

Choosing the Birds

Know what types of birds you want to photograph

Before taking photos of wild birds, you have to select what type of birds you want to photograph. There are different types of birds like water birds, prey birds, nesting birds. The major impact on your photography success depends on upon the type and positioning of the bird. Some birds like a wren or robin will be much easier to photograph than any type of bird. Bird environment varies widely, so it depends on your ability to get where they usually found. You can start with a bird sanctuary.

Know Your Photography subject very well

Once you have decided which type of birds you want to photograph, the next thing is to know your feathered subjects well by doing some bird watching first. Know about the bird’s habitat and quirks. Learn their habits and their response when you try to photograph them. It will add an advantage to be personally aware of expected bird behaviors.

Take help by purchasing a bird guide if you are new to the area

Most of the states have a bird guide which let you know about the information about various native birds. It will be the best and cheapest method to know about the variety of species living in that area.

Terry Shaddock - Professional Photographer

Discovering the Birds

Examine the area where birds are located

After deciding the type, their habits, and area, the next important aspect is to get a map and draw a sketch. This will help you to find the exact location of the birds. Just find out the type of area, is it hilly, flat or rough? How easily can you access the area? How birds take off over the ocean or land?

Make use of your sketch to plot the types of birds you want to see

Birds are very fast and sensitive to their surroundings so you have to be very careful about when and where you are likely to see selected birds. About taking candid shots of birds that are happily unaware of your presence, find out hideaway shelters. Plot the places on sketch map will be useful for future photography. Slip the sketch map into a plastic cover to protect it from rain and mud.